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Fantastic commercial treadmill at a GREAT price! New age design, 3 HP AC Heavy duty motor with LCD window display, aluminium alloy side posts and rails. Max user weight of 180 kg. Call 9088996161 for more information. Visit Supplier of commercial and residential treadmills and other fitness equipment
Model 954: Quite a power machine this one! 2 HP of continuous duty quiet DC motor with a peak power of 4 HP. A max user weight capacity of 120 kg, automatic incline up to 12%, and a comfortable running surface of 1270 x 450mm. This is also MP3 ready. So just plug in your MP3 player and work out to your favourite beats!
New age Design, 5.0 HP AC Duty Machine with 7 LCD Window Displays : Speed, Distance, Time, Calories, Program, Level, Pulse, Heart Rate. Light Weight Aluminium Alloy Side Posts and Side Rails. It also has Incline Raning from (-3)% to 20%. The (-) Negative Incline to experience Walking Downhill which Develops Eccentric contractions.These eccentric contractions build strength throughout these muscles’ ranges of motion.
Best example of home exercise equipment is Treadmill. It is very easy to use at home for users. Running on a Treadmill generally burns calories faster than any home exercise and its reduce bodyweight in a very short period. Buy Motorised Treadmill in affordable price in Energie The Fitness Shop, Kolkata.